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Our Standard Synthetic Turf Installation Process

The Woodlands Grass follows a ten-step process for installing the Artificial Turf product to ensure that every installation meets or exceeds our highest standard of quality. Our trained professionals give each installation their focused attention. There are always some nuances with each individual installation, the following guidelines are used for reference.

    The first step in the installation process is to clear the ground of any existing lawn or debris. A spade or turf cutter is used to remove existing turf. A clean base is vital to the long-term quality of our installations. For existing lawns, this may include removal of sod, rocks, gravel, etc.

    Ground Clearing

    The second step in our installation process is to ensure that the installed turf will be at the desired finish grade for proper drainage. This requires that the initial base be at approximately 2” to 4” below finish grade. Depending on the conditions, any excess soil is removed and discarded, or fill material is brought in at this time.

    Base Height

    Next, 3/8th" down to 1/8th″ crushed drain rock and/or decomposed granite is installed to create a stabilized sub-base. The crushed gravel is brought in and spread to create a base approximately 3” thick depending on application. The gravel sub-base is used to give a solid base for the turf while still allowing for drainage.

    Gravel Subbase

    Now the small particles of crushed rock is graded to meet drainage requirements. This step allows us to determine the exact finish level of the grass, as well as prevent any areas of water build-up or improper drainage.


    A plate compactor or roller is brought in to compact the base. Water is sprayed over the gravel prior to tamping to ensure proper compaction and to reduce dust. The goal of this step is to achieve 90% to 95% compaction. The compacted crushed gravel sub-base is then given time to dry and checked for inconsistencies prior to proceeding.

    Compacting the Base

  6. Weed Barrier
    In order to prevent weeds from growing up through the turf and causing it to buckle or disfigure, we lay a sheet of weed-suppressing membrane over your lawn space, and cut it to shape using a utility knife.  Optional - Install a layer of shock-absorbent material. This step is optional, but you may want to consider it to give the grass more cushioning for the little ones. Several pad options are available from ¼” to 3" thickness.

    Weed Block

  7. Laying The Turf
    The Turf rolls are brought in and laid out. The rolls come in 15-foot-wide rolls. Our professional installation team will lay the grass out in a manner that will best fit your lawn. Due to the natural direction of the grass blades, the turf will be laid out in the same direction. Therefore, it is very important that this layout is thoroughly thought out before cutting begins.

    Laying Turf

    This phase is where the turf is trimmed to fit your yard. The turf can be cut around your existing landscape whether it is a perfect square, rectangle or a winding path that is bordered by rocks.

    Cutting Turf

    We secure the turf by staking the edges with 6” galvanized landscape spikes and/or 6” sod staples. The staples are inserted through the turf and into the base at 6” intervals around the edges and more frequently along the seams. Once installed, the seams are virtually invisible and are very durable.

    Securing Seaming

  10. INFILL
    “Infill” is acrylic coated sand with antimicrobial properties and Zeofill (in pet applications). Both infill products are spread in between the blades of the artificial grass to allow the blades to stand up and help cushion the turf, improve durability in traffic zones, and emulate the look and feel of natural grass.


Materials We Use:

• Artificial Turf/Synthetic Grass
• Spade or Professional Turf Cutter
• INfill (for pets)
• Weed-Suppressing Membrane
• Sand, Crushed Stones or      Decomposed Granite
• 6" Galvanized Nails and/or 6" Sod Spikes
• Black Star
• Silica Sand
• Lawn Seed Spreader (for Silica Sand)
• Coarse Power Broom

Pelota de Golf en Verde

Artificial Green Installation

Are you an avid golfer who has been dreaming of a private green from short hits at home? Consider installing one made of synthetic turf in your backyard. The installation process is similar to the one used for an entire patio. The only difference is that instead of a block of weeds, we put a layer of foam filling, and you have your choice of a quarter, a half, or three-quarters of an inch thick. The foam creates a resilient and inflatable texture that can help you improve your game.